About Me…

Andre Treen

Andre has over 10 years experience as an osteopath after qualifying in 2008 with OST Med Bsc Hons.

Prior to becoming an osteopath, Andre obtained his first Degree in Sport and Health Science BSc Hons, shortly followed as a personal trainer and class instructor, teaching classes such as Spin, Boxercise and circuit classes.

“I believe that osteopathy can put the body in the right place to provide rapid pain reduction, however exercise can hold that position for longer when combined together”


Appointment times are usually 30 minutes in duration. Some conditions will require less or more time. The aim is to achieve the maximum benefit for your condition during each treatment session and the fee reflects your osteopaths experience and decision on each occasion.

Health Check-ups

Osteopaths are trained for many health tests or medical checks such as orthopaedic tests, blood pressure and even eye pathologies.


Andre Treen

Patient findings are explained to the patient so that the treatment and likely outcomes are fully understood. Treatments are applied gently and appropriately to ensure patient comfort and to reduce recovery time so patients can get back to their normal routine as soon as possible. Exercise rehabilitation is important for not only recovery but prevention also.

Our Mission Is to Provide a Professional & Honest Approach to Osteopathy

Better Health Care is Our Mission

Same Day Appointments May Be  Available, Booking Always advised

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